Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photograph Ideas!!

I have been struggling to find things that I really want to photograph creatively.... things besides my pets, my family, Josh, and random objects around my room that I have been practicing on. But nothing had really peaked my interest.

Until yesterday.

Josh and I went to his Dad's house, where they have 5 acres, and horses. Beautiful horses. And the cutest barn/stable/arena. Walking through it yesterday, I instantly came up with all sorts of ideas for things I want to try to photograph, such as the horses, the barn, etc.

Josh's sister is naturally gorgeous and stunning - she just has a natural beauty to her. She rides horses, as does his cousin A., who is the same age. Both girls are going to be entering their freshman year of high school in the fall. I want to attempt to get some photos of them riding, both casually on trails, as well as in their respective events. I think these will be great memories to capture.

I am excited to start trying new things, and will (hopefully) be getting a new lens in the next week or so...!!

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