Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Pictures....

These past few weeks have been so jam-packed with stuff to do! I'm having a hard time keeping up on editing pictures, uploading them, and then blogging them. Here are a few random photos from this summer so far....

This one is of Josh. We were camping at the Wynoochee River, and he was deep in conversation with the boys. I stood off to the side and snapped pictures.

When Josh was helping to coach Little Leage, we played at a field in Tenino. This patch of trees was between the parking lot and the fields. The SOOC version showed just how yucky of a location it really was.... this version looks much prettier!

Here is Jessica and Tyler's dog, Mason. Jess and I were at Priest Point Park, and Mason was so intent on watching people walk by!

This is my dad. We were camping at the Wynoochee, and he was in the middle of bbq-ing when I snapped this one.

This is from Josh's dad's barn. His wife, Angie, decorates EVERYTHING so cutely.... even their horse stalls!

This is from the same park in Tenino where we had practice for Little League. I hid in an empty dugout when a random rain shower came through, and this is what I ended up with: a wooden bench.

Hopefully more to come soon!