Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Learning Experience

A few weeks ago, I had a privilege of helping Josh's younger sister prepare for her freshman Homecoming dance. It was such a neat experience! She's a truly wonderful, beautiful girl who exudes personality.

I also went with her mom to drop her off at her friend's house, where all of the couples were meeting. I, of course, snapped hundreds of pictures while I was there. And looking back at the photos, I have learned so much from my mistakes.
The were some fun, creative photos that could have been taken, had I been focusing on the group as a whole, instead of just Amy. For example, the first three of four boys that showed up were all blonde-haired, with the tallest and shortest in black tuxes, and the middle in a white tux. It would have been neat to shoot the three of them in some fun poses, playing on their height and tux color differences.

All the couples went to a friend of the families, who happens to be a professional photographer, and she shot their couple and group photos, instead of having them done at the school. Watching her, I was amazed by her ideas. One girl was a in a big, poofy, hot pink dress. She was absolutely adorable. Think Barbie. The photographer had this girl kind of squat down, so her dress surrounded her on all sides. Then, she climbed on top of a ladder and shot her from above in the same pose. It was so neat!!

Amy had her fingernails and toes done Saturday morning, and I wish I would have taken the time to snap some photos of her toes and sparkly silver shoes.
All in all, this experience served to teach me some important things about looking past the obvious, and capturing photos that are anything but ordinary. Great opportunity!!

Here are a few edited photos from that day....